Guiding Business Owners to Financial Freedom

Make More Money, Keep More of It

While the accumulation of assets is an integral part of wealth building, it is but one of the many aspects of effective wealth management. At its core, wealth management is all about preserving, growing, and planning your wealth, making sure that it meets the goals that are most important to you.

Why Choose Northsight Wealth

Managing your finances can be overwhelming; that is why Northsight Wealth is here to provide tailored solutions focused on financial stability and business growth. Our advisors have extensive experience handling the complex financial needs of individuals, families, and businesses across generations. We help you evaluate your finances from a holistic standpoint, so you can maximize your options and make the most out of your opportunities and resources.


We focus on business owners by optimizing their businesses, reducing taxes, and investing wisely.


Processes designed for business owners to efficiently solve financial problems.


We are fee-based, meaning your best interest is our best interest as well.

Personalized Wealth Management Services

Businesses need to remain flexible and resilient in today’s ever-evolving economic landscape. Northsight Wealth offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services, from risk management and estate planning to investment portfolio construction and advanced asset protection strategies.

Goal-Oriented Financial Strategies

Our financial services are tailored to fit the needs of your organization. We analyze your current financial situation to identify potential areas of opportunity and risks and then develop a comprehensive financial plan that allows you to make the most of your income and assets. We work with our clients to develop smart, cost-effective solutions.

Professional Tax Planning Guidance

Managing taxes requires a sophisticated understanding of the various regulations and laws. Northsight Wealth provides professional tax planning guidance and specializes in tax-efficient strategies.

Tailor-Made Investment Portfolios

Every client is unique, and their portfolios should be too. At Northsight Wealth, we tailor our investment advice to your own unique circumstances. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we employ a personalized approach to investing that considers each client’s needs, objectives, and risk tolerance, allowing them to pursue their financial goals without taking more risk than necessary.

Comprehensive Family Financial Planning

Financial planning is not just about numbers; it's about understanding your values, priorities, and the legacy you want to leave behind. Our Family Financial Planning service is designed to help you navigate the complexities of wealth management, create a roadmap for long-term financial success, and secure your family’s financial future.


Our goal is to provide clients with a scalable and personalized financial game plan by combining cutting-edge technology, proactive problem-solving, and a values-driven and results-based approach to wealth management. We have put together a multifaceted team of financial experts committed to assisting clients in making informed financial decisions essential to realizing their personal and business objectives, mitigating risk exposure, and maximizing returns.

Save on Taxes

By implementing our Tax Optimization Business System.

Increase Your Wealth

By diversifying your investments and smartly managing your assets.

Get Financial Freedom

By following a customized and tailored financial plan for your needs.

Optimize Your Savings

Through many of the strategies we offer.

Protect Yourself

And your family from the unexpected.

Get Customized Service and Support

And real-time updates through our client portal.

Your success is our success.

We value the confidence that you have placed in us and take our role as a trusted fiduciary very seriously. To this end, we are committed to ensuring that your assets and investments are managed with the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity. 

As a top fiduciary financial planner in Scottsdale, our firm brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, always serving the best interests of our clients. No matter where you are in your financial journey, we consider it a privilege to guide you along your path to financial success.

Services Tailored to Business Owners

We offer asset protection, savings solutions, investment strategies, retirement planning, and other wealth management and financial planning services. But since our focus is business owners, we also implement the Tax Optimization Business System, a unique solution we created for you to cure your business of overpaying Uncle Sam.

It is a tested and easy-to-follow process to tax-optimize your business and life.

93% of small businesses

are overpaying taxes regardless of whether they are paying a high-priced accountant or not.
– Forbes